Hello, welcome to Sunny’s Loaf. Since 2017, I have been cultivating my very own sourdough starter in Seattle, crafting all-natural sourdough bread that is both wholesome and delicious. The moment I tasted my first homemade sourdough bread, it transported me back to my childhood and hometown with its long-lost, comforting flavors. It’s amazing how the aroma and taste of bread have the power to soothe us and nourish us, no matter how far we wander in life.

The process of cultivating the starter, kneading the dough, watching it rise and grow in the oven, and finally sharing the freshly baked sourdough bread with loved ones has brought me an indescribable joy. It truly has been a wonderful journey for me. Making bread has allowed me to step away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and find solace in a simple yet meaningful routine that nourishes my soul.

With the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, many friends found themselves confined to their homes, seeking new hobbies and passions to fill their time. It was during this time that I launched my own YouTube channel, sharing my experiences and production tips on making sourdough bread with other home baking enthusiasts. It’s been a gratifying experience for me to receive such positive and enthusiastic feedback from those who share my love for making bread.

In March 2024, I obtained Washington’s Cottage Food permit, ensuring both licensing and insurance for my home baking. I’m excited to share my delicious sourdough bread with more people!

Sure, making bread at home can be a challenging process, but it’s a unique and rewarding one that I encourage everyone to try. I hope that my website can inspire you to explore the joy and sincerity of making bread in your own home.

你好,欢迎来到sunny’s loaf!



从COVID疫情大流行以后,很多不得不居家的朋友们开始尝试自己做面包,我也创立了自己的YouTube频道,把自己做sourodugh bread的经验和细节分享给了更多的家庭烘焙爱好者,希望帮助和我一样爱手作面包的朋友。我也从他们的积极而热烈的反馈中得到了认可和喜爱。

2024年3月,我获得了华盛顿州Cottage Foods Permit,这也让我的家庭烘焙坊从梦想变成现实。我将为我在的社区和喜欢天然酵种面包的朋友提供少量的手作面包。在家做面包,有时会遇到不少挑战,但它是独一无二的。希望继续获得您的支持,也欢迎和我分享和交流关于面包的一切!