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My Best Sourdough Discard Pancakes & Waffles

The simplest recipe for consuming sourdough discard is making waffles or pancakes. This recipe can make 12 waffles or 4 waffles + 7 pancakes. It’s easy, crispy and fluffy waffles with a touch of unique flavor from the added sourdough starter. For this recipe you can make a simple morning-of approach with less fermentation or a longer overnight-fermented batter that brings even more tanginess. Waffles and pancakes are fun because you can be very creative to change the size or …

Chocolate and cranberry Sourdough bread

This chocolate and dried cranberry sourdough bread is my kid’s favorite. It is lightly sweet from cranberries and chocolate. The chocolate also gives the bread an extra crispy crust. I will show you a very smart shaping method here. Ready? Let’s dive into it. Ingredients Levain Dough Instructions Enjoy

Most simple sourdough bread

This is a recipe that I use to bake sourdough bread every day. It’s a very easy and reliable recipe that produces an amazing loaf of bread. The process is super easy and smooth. Don’t miss it! Ingredients Levain Dough Instructions