Most simple sourdough bread

This is a recipe that I use to bake sourdough bread every day. It’s a very easy and reliable recipe that produces an amazing loaf of bread. The process is super easy and smooth. Don’t miss it!



  • 5g sourdough starter
  • 35g water
  • 35g bread flour


  • bread flour 240g
  • whole wheat flour 60g
  • water 240g
  • salt 6g
  • levain 60g (100% hydration)


  • Mix all the ingredients and rest for 1-3hours,
  • 3 sets stretch&folds or coil fold every 1hour.
  • Bulk fermentation for 7hours at 70F /21C
  • Final proof in the fridge for 12-15hours
  • Bake at 500F 20mins with steam and 425F 20minutes without steam.

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